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April 11, 2018


Strategy and oriented psychological investments are the basic need for a card game like poker. This is one of the most interesting and brilliant games around the world. The topmost position is claiming the game called ‘Hold’em Poker’. Professional card players and dealers used to run their lives by showing the talent in this game only. These days there is a huge number of good players who can compete with each other. So, anybody having a knowledge about this game is not ruling the club anymore in the present day. If you have a curiosity to know basics of this game then this is going to be the right place for you.

Know Your Hand:

The very first thing a player has to remember is the ranking of the sequences. This will seem like a bit odd at the beginning, but when you will be able to compete in this game with other big players this will help you the most. Pretty easy rankings are as followed.
  1. The first one called ‘Royal Flush’ which contains a sequence of A, K, Q, J, and T.
  2. Then Straight Flush comes up, it consists of any sequence having the same color logo. Like- 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 of Spade.
  3. Same four cards come this time, this looks like K, K, K and K and anything else like this.
  4. Then comes ‘Full House’ which consists of three same cards and a pair.
  5. Next, it is time for ‘Flush’ which is any 5 cards of same color and logo. No sequence is needed.
  6. Now here comes ‘Straight’. This contains any sequence but no need to be same colored.
  7. Next is ‘Three Similar’. This contains three same numbered cards of different colors.
  8. Then comes ‘2 Pairs’ and that consists a couple of different pairs. Like- 2 A’s and 1 K’s.
  9. Now comes any pairs. Like A, A or 2, 2.
  10. Finally, the value remains for the Highest Card of your hand.

The Exciting Game: No Limit of Hold’em

This famous game is having another famous name, that is Texas Hold’em. In this game of poker, the players have distributed only two cards as their hands. A community or group of players claims its players to show or add their combinations together so that the best set of five cards could be prepared. Generally, there are 4 rounds in this kind of poker game. While playing those rounds at any moment you can make all-in despite waiting for the next round. This legitimate specialization brings the name up ‘No Limit’. In this game obviously, you can double or triple your bet money and also lose all at once as well.

3 Simple Steps:

Basic poker game consists of three simple steps to play. Those are followed.
  • The first one is Calling. Here you can put the rise amount in the dealer’s pot.
  • Next step is Folding. This means you can return the cards to the dealer and stop playing further in that bet.
  • Finally comes Raising. In this way, you can give more chips on your previous bet.
These steps recycle until all the chips are raised into the pot or everyone folded except one. Now its time to know three other unique play of this game.
  • The Flop: Dealer shows three community cards to everybody. These cards could be used by anyone as required.
  • The Turn: the dealer again has a chance to give a final chance to the players. He now turns another card for your use.
  • The River: For a very interesting match this game could be headed to another opportunity for the players. The dealer now turns the last and fifth special card.
We saw how an amazing game like poker can take away your breath. This sets a quality limit for a gambler to enter a casino. Basically, people in a casino are often very intelligent. Most of the gamblers are very much experienced in playing these poker games. So, practice well before landing with them at a table of poker.
April 11, 2018

Win Chances Using Your Complementary Points

What comes to your mind when you think of Rewards? Yes, the casinos also giveaway rewards in this case. Let me tell you the complementary points are rewards of casinos. A company will try to show the affection to its customers in many ways. This is also a way to show them how valuable they are. When you start earning some free points there is a chance of increasing interest for the players to come back to this casino again. There are a lot of redeemable options in case of winning these points. We will be talking about all of this in the detailed description here in this article.

What is Complementary or Comp Points?

In real casinos or online casino websites these days a unique point is given to the players. Mainly the point is given to the players to reward their loyalty to the organization. When a valued player is going to a specific casino for months the company starts giving him complementary points. After the player is registered with the organization he can win comp points whether he wins a bet or not. Here is how this is achieved.
  • The amount of the bet decides how many points a player can win. Every bet considers the different chance to in points.
  • A player earns comp points in both possible situations when he wins the bet and when he loses.
  • After reaching a least required total point a player can redeem that. Often the winning cash is transferred to the winner’s bank account automatically.

How you can Earn Cash using This:

When you go to gambling in a casino make sure you know about the points they are offering for a player. Maybe the casino could set up different variants of comp points giveaway. For loyal and regular customers, the points could vary.
  • Now we can discuss how cash prizes can be earned by using these points. In general, a total of 100 points would give you unit currency like 1 dollar or 1 euro etc. Sometimes, different games set different earning of points. Take an example of a game where $10 is a bet and the earning of points will be 2x instead of 1x per bet.
  • Another way, you can be beneficial if you create a VIP account. Point distribution is more favorable in that case.
  • Special offers and game promotions can bring more points than normal wins. New launched games are advertised to increase the attraction of it. In some cases, “double comp points” are awarded.

Other Features:

A player can not only use these comp points as a redeemable aspect but also use these to get different gift items. For example, you can claim chips instead of those points and tickets of shows, gifts, meals as well. Some expensive accessories also are awarded in exchange for these points. Maybe some point you have to face addiction to gambling, but a business strategy never fails for a person’s greed. The comp points act like a special card in a card game, most of the time it doesn’t have anything to do with the game directly. Still, this helps win the heart of the player and he tries to play it again for the same luck. In casinos attractions play a very vital role, comp points are no different from that. The authority wants to show how they value their customers while they are taking a good step for their business too.